6 Common Types of Rides in an Amusement Park

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Kids are always thrilled when their parents take them to amusement parks. Larger amusement parks or family entertainment centres offer a variety of rides for children. Of course, everyone knows about some of the popular types they can expect at such places. 

However, there are many other simpler rides that have more relaxed restrictions on height. Here, we’ve listed the common types of rides you’ll come across in an amusement park:

1. Ferris Wheel

This is perhaps one of the most common among the rides that you’ll find in an amusement park. For many years, these rides have given many fantastic moments for kids as well as their parents. The Ferris Wheel is named after George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., who had originally designed and constructed it. 

He had built it for the World’s Columbian Exposition, which was held in 1893 in Chicago. Today, you’ll come across thousands of replications of the Ferris Wheel across the world.

2. Carousel

You’ll certainly find the carousel in most of the amusement parks. It has been featured in drawings that date back to 500 CE. This points out to the fact that it was popular even in the ancient times. The carousel is also called ‘merry-go-round’ and comprises a rotating platform with seats moving up and down. 

The seats of the carousel are made of wood, plastic or fibreglass today. They’re often made to resemble decorated animals, such as horses, deer, giraffes, and fish.

3. Coin-operated rides

As the name suggests, this type of ride in amusement parks is operated by a coin. The ride rotates, swings, or jumps the moment a coin is inserted. You’ll usually see such rides before a small store or a stall in the entertainment parks. Such rides can also be seen in shopping malls and local fairs. 

The coin-operated rides are usually small in size and created for small kids. Such rides are extremely affordable and easy to operate as well.

4. Roller coasters

They are among the most thrilling rides found in amusement parks. Along with the Ferris Wheel and carousel, roller coasters are a major attraction for kids. It consists of an elevated track with steep slopes and tight turns. People ride in open cars that run on this track, which generally completes a circuit. 

The oldest form of roller coasters is believed to have originated in Russia. They were built as slides with a 50-degree drop and had supports made of wood.

5. Water rides

Bumper boats, electric speed boats, paddle boats, and water slides fall under this category. You may not get wet while on these rides, but it’s not always so. The water rides attract many riders during summers, as they get to cool off a bit. Some of the water rides are small, while others like the surf-up rides can be quite large.

6. Electric track train

An electric track train has become a common feature among most of amusement parks today. It runs on a fixed track and has a length that varies between 8 and 200 meters. You’ll also find trackless trains in some of the entertainment parks. The electric track train rides can be of varying sizes and shapes as well.

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