Games Children Can Play at Parks and Entertainment Centres

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Today, most of the kids are hooked to games that are played on computers or handheld devices. While these games have attractive graphics and are highly entertaining, they are certainly not good for health. For proper development of the body, physical activity is very important. This is why they must be taken frequently to parks and entertainment centers. 

You don’t have to try too hard to convince your children to accompany you to such places. Kids love to play and they’ll be quite excited to visit a park with their parents. However, it’s important not to leave your kids to their own devices once you get there. The idea of visiting such places is to allow them to try out new activities. Here are some of the games that kids can play at parks and entertainment centres:

1. Hide-and-seek

Most of the kids would know how to play hide-and-seek. Those who don’t know how to play hide-and-seek can learn it easily from their parents. In this game, one goes in search of others who hide themselves to avoid being caught. The game would end only when the kid who is searching finds all those who’ve been hiding.

2. Tug of war

One of the most exciting outdoor games, tug of war is excellent for teaching children about team effort. In this game, the entire group of children is divided into two teams. Everyone is placed evenly on the opposite ends of the rope. Stronger kids must be kept at the extreme end. Children who are weaker must be kept in the middle. 

Then, a spot is marked in the ground, showing the exact boundary. Each of the teams then tries and pulls the rope towards them as hard as they can. The team that gets pulled across the line or the boundary loses.

3. Follow the leader

You can take a walk around the park and tell the kids to follow you. They must copy every move that you make. It may involve walking at a slower pace at some spots and hopping around in other places. Everyone must be encouraged to take turns and be the leader. This game not only allows everyone to stroll the park but also gives children a lesson or two in leadership.

4. Hot and cold

In this game, a small object like a coin or a small ball is used. One needs to hide the object somewhere while others close their eyes. Once the object is hidden, the individual who hid it tells others to open their eyes and search. Those searching for the object can be given some clues. When they’re close to the object, the word ‘hot’ must be said aloud. When they are farther away from the object, use the word ‘cold’. 

5. Scavenger hunt

This is another exciting game to play at parks or entertainment centres. It must be planned in advance. Make a list of things to be gathered from the park. You’ll also need a bag to put those things in. Whoever gathers everything mentioned in the list first becomes the winner. 

Now, this game can be made more challenging for the kids. To do this, mention the things to be gathered in riddles. For example, a leaf can be mentioned as ‘I’m green, but I’m not a grass’.

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